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1) What is FLstat?

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Freelancer is a futuristic computer game for the PC which offers cutting edge space combat as well as
exploration, trade and missions. Players can also join one of many multiplayer games on the Internet.

Written for this PC game, FLstat is a program that decodes the player files on a multiplayer server, and generates a ranking table in HTML. This HTML file can then be published on the internet for all to see. Here is an example of FLstat in action >>>

FLstat is not a MOD, and does not change any of the files used by Freelancer. This will only run on multiplayer servers, not clients.

2) Why would I want FLstat?

A feature missing from the multiplayer game is the ability to see the stats that other players have got when they are not online. This tool displays all players that have played on a multiplayer server, whether they are online or not. Players are sorted by Rank, then by Money, and then by number of Kills. Since version v1.5, the sorting can be changed. See the -sort option for details.

This is designed to encourage healthy competition amongst players, and it can even assist administrators in spotting cheats on their multiplayer servers. However, this is tool is not specifically aimed at player administration - for a more complete admin tool, have a look at Freelancer Server Operator from www.ioncross.com.

Once a server is running FLstat, it is eligible to be included in the Global Player Rankings.

3) How do I use FLstat?

First download the latest version.
Extract the contents of the zip file to a directory anywhere on your computer (for example "C:\FLstat"). Simply double-click on "update.cmd" to run the program, and a file called "flstat.html" will be created. If you wish, you may edit the second line in "update.cmd" to change the name and/or location of resulting HTML file. Then, all you need to do is schedule "update.cmd" to be executed once per day, or something.

Windows 95/98/Me users: you will have to rename "update.cmd" to "update.bat".

Warning: On multiplayer servers with a large number of players, this may take some considerable time to execute and will put significant load on the computer, so schedule it for when the least number of players are on. Consider using the -nice option to reduce the load on the computer.

You can use a web server of your choice to publish this file on the Web. I found TinyWeb and SimpleServer:WWW to be very simple and effective.
If you want to run this from a different account or computer, have a look at the -path option in Advanced Options below.
Also see Tips and Tricks to see how you can automatically uploads the stats to another computer.

4) How do I customise how it looks?

You can edit "header.htt" and "footer.htt" to change or add additional content above and below the ranking table. You can also edit "table.css" to change the colours and style of the ranking table itself.

Note: After editing "header.htt" or "footer.htt", you will need to run "update.cmd" again to see the changes. Also, don't forget to copy/move the file "table.css" to the same place that you have "flstat.html"!

5) Advanced Options

Specify any of these options below in the file "update.cmd". For Example:
FLstat.exe -rank 25 -active 24 > middle.txt
copy /B header.htt+middle.txt+footer.htt flstat.html
-top <N> - Show only top N players.

-rank <N> - Show only players at rank N or higher.

-days <N> - Show only players which have played within the last N days.

-nice <N> - Run with lower CPU usage, for example: -nice 50. This is useful on multiplayer servers with very many players, as it minimises the load. Default setting is 10.

-path <dir> - Override the default location of the Multiplayer Accounts.

You might want to use this if you are running FLstat as a different user, or from a different computer. This must be the full path where the accounts are stored, for example:
-path "C:\My Documents\My Games\Freelancer\Accts\MultiPlayer"
-active <N> - Highlight players that have logged in within the last N hours.

This is best set to a number of hours that is similar to the frequency that the page is updated. For example, if the page is update once per day, then use -active 24, but if it is updated every hour, then you could use -active 1.

-cheats <N> - Highlight cheaters, where N is the sensitivity level.

The higher cheat sensitivity number N, the less sensitive the detection becomes. If you set this too high, then cheaters will go undetected, and if you set it too low then innocent players get unfairly branded as a cheat. 30 is the recommended value to catch most cheaters, where as 50 with only catch the really serious cheats. A value of 10 will probably catch all cheaters, but may also highlight someone who hasn't actually cheated. You should experiment with different values, and stick with the one that works best for you.

-sort <key> - sort players by Rank (default), Kills, Money, Time or Login.

It is possible to call FLstat.exe multiple times in the "update.cmd" file, each time with a different sort key. This means that you can publish different pages, each sorted by a different key. For example:

FLstat.exe -sort Rank > middle.txt
copy /B header.htt+middle.txt+footer.htt flstat-rank.html

FLstat.exe -sort Kills > middle.txt
copy /B header.htt+middle.txt+footer.htt flstat-kills.html

FLstat.exe -sort Time > middle.txt
copy /B header.htt+middle.txt+footer.htt flstat-time.html

FLstat.exe -sort Login > middle.txt
copy /B header.htt+middle.txt+footer.htt flstat-login.html
-nofile - prevent filenames of player files from appearing in the HTML code.
If this option is not specified, then the player filenames will appear as comments in the HTML code. Some admins find this a useful way to identify certain players who break the multiplayer server rules.
For example: <!-- File: 23-41639410/0a-bafe861e.fl -->.

However, some servers have rules that allow players to have more than one character, and so this option can be specified to preserve the players privacy, and protect their secondary characters.

6) Tips and Tricks

Revision History

10th May, 2006 - v1.5
25th July, 2004 - v1.4
18th January, 2004 - v1.3
25th September, 2003 - v1.2
24th July, 2003 - v1.1
7th July, 2003 - v1.0a
6th July, 2003 - v1.0
29th June, 2003 - v0.9

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