The Global Player Rankings combines the player statistics into a single database, allowing players from different online game servers to compete against each other. All admins need to do is download and install FLstat v1.5 and then submit the information for inclusion.
  • Top 1000 Killers - Top Players based on their total number of NPC kills.
  • Hall Of Fame - Top Players who haven't been online for 6 months.
  • Top Clans - Top Clans based on combined average number of NPC kills.
  • Search the full online database for any Player or Clan.
  • List of Servers, showing which mods they use, and their online status.
  • Freelancer Global Server List, updated frequently from the master server.
  • Most Active Servers ranked by how many players have been online this week.
  • Server Info - official title, current players online and Web Launcher link.
  • Click on any Player, Clan or Server name to see detailed statistics.
  • Data is updated every 6 hours (individual sites may not be updated as often).
  • Any questions or comments, send an email to:

Tips for Admins:
  • Check the Information that is displayed for your server, and resubmit if necessary.
  • Include as many players in the FLstat output as possible.
  • Freelancer Global Player Rankings Tell your players about the Global Player Rankings on your website and forums! You may use the button on the right...
Top Servers
1 HamburgCity
2 DiscoveryUSA
3 TheUnderverse
4 Olympus-EU-1
5 ShatteredWorlds
6 DeutscherFreelancerServer
7 NewUniverse
8 24-7Crossfire
9 GermanFreelancerSaarland
10 Olympus-USA-1
Most Active Servers >>

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Top Freelancer Clans
1 WTS-World-CCN [974]
2 GermanFreelancerSaarland Grauer-
3 GermanFreelancerSaarland [WildCard]
4 GermanFreelancerSaarland ~]HA[~
5 DeutscherFreelancerServer
6 GermanFreelancerSaarland [NGF]
7 VoidServer [BBB]
8 GermanFreelancerSaarland [BPS]
9 Olympus-EU-1 [VAL]
10 NewUniverse [SSG]
11 GermanFreelancerSaarland
12 TheUnderverse {KEA}
13 DeepSpace9 [BW]
14 GermanFreelancerSaarland {]KGB[}
15 DeepSpace9 <DS9>
16 VoidServer >4S_SQUAD<
17 TeamwarsEuroServer [DW-K]
18 DiscoveryUSA [O][Soul]
19 TheUnderverse [xXx]
20 TheUnderverse [CL]
21 TheUnderverse [RIP]
22 NewUniverse [Demon]
23 HamburgCity {-Ryo-}
24 TheGalaxyServer (Blue9)
25 Olympus-EU-1 [TSR]
26 VoidServer [n*o]
27 TheUnderverse [(V\ET]
28 GermanFreelancerSaarland [NOMAD]
29 DiscoveryFreelancer {SOB}
30 NewUniverse [CLR]
Top Freelancer Clans >>

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