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Xbox 360
Its finally happened, just four months after release, it seems the XBox 360 has now been officially hacked to play backup XBox 360 software. A group of hackers, headed by a guy affectionaly known as TheSpecialist have found a way to use an exploit on the firmware of the DVD drive, of all things.

Although not officially released yet by the group, the information on how to carry out the firmware hack will no doubt begin to filter out onto the internet at some point very soon. A video clip has been released which shows the group loading a backup copy of PGR 3 into the hacked XBox 360 and then booting the unit up. After a few seconds and a little bit of DVD lens activity, the game springs to life with not so much as an XBox 360 mod chip in sight!

Having looked closely at the video myself, it has be said, it looks genuine and there is no good reason to doubt its authenticity. The video clip shows the disk being loaded, then the XBox 360 being booted up and then the camera slowly pans up, following the line of the video cable from the XBox and to the TV set without any special effects or camera cuts.

A statement from Microsoft stated that the security of the XBox 360 is second to none and it would leave hackers completely baffled. They almost went as far as to state that the XBox 360 was un-hackable. Of course, this is a foolish thing to do, as it only encourages more hackers to attempt the challenge and gain the status that goes with such an achievement. Just four months after the XBox 360 is released, we seem to have seen its first hack. Im sure there will be many more XBox 360 hacks to follow, possibly also with the release of the long awaited XBox 360 mod chips.

If the claims that the video and information about this hack are true, this is set to wipe the smug grin completely off Microsoft's face. What MS seem to forget is that although they are the richest company on the planet, and therefore can afford to employ some of the worlds best boffins, that doesnt mean to say that they are the only smart guys in this world. Some people do it for high wages... but some do it just for kicks.

Microsoft were left with egg on their face having claimed the security on the original XBox console was tight, yet a short time after release, we saw the first devices which could bypass Microsoft's security measures and allow playback of imported and backup games on the XBox. Of course, there are legal implications with this.

Watch this space for the latest on the hacking of the XBox 360 console as this is set to rock the gaming world. You can find more XBox 360 accessories here:

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