A Shopping Comparison:
Xbox 360 and Playstation 3

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Xbox 360

Products such as Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's Playstation 3 have grabbed undeniable attention in the consumer electronics market. During holidays, birthdays and other occasions, parents rush out to get the latest games or consoles to give as gifts to their children. But unlike more general products and gifts such as handbags, items for pets, household products, knives or leather goods, the electronics products such as these often come with an ongoing price tag, with new games being released indefinitely. That's why consumers should compare these products carefully before buying.

A Power Comparison

Electronics can be compared in several areas, with one being power. The Xbox 360 overwhelmingly surpasses the Playstation 3 when it comes to power. Its CPU (central processing unit) and GPU (graphics processing unit) have more processing power than the PS 3. The memory bandwidth of the Xbox 360 exceeds that of the Playstation 3 by five times!

However, don't let the power capabilities be the only determining factor. Playstation 3 still has lots of power when compared with older consoles, and the graphics are terrific as well. Also, it has a unique "cell chip," which is expected to help developers get even more power for games, but it's yet to be seen what will come of this. In comparison, there are still a couple of other things to consider.

Software Availability

The software (or video game) war is on now more than ever. Games are being defined by play-time, number of levels, quality of graphics, reality factors, and how they can be used online. Kids and adults alike are anxiously awaiting new games to be released to put them to the test in all these areas. Those wanting the online capabilities will find that Xbox 360 is geared that way.

With so many independent software developers, games are being released today that are either/or when it comes to the console Those who own a Playstation 3 console will be able to buy the PS 3 version of the game. The same goes for Xbox 360! So, this makes it more difficult to differentiate between the consoles in terms of the types of games offered. It's the actual features and capabilities of the console that will determine the consumer's final decision.

Pricing for Consoles and Games

Pricing is another determining factor. It's usually based on the "newness" of the console or game. However, with new games and consoles being released, consumers won't find cheap prices on these electronics just yet. It's like buying automotive parts for a brand new car - there are no used or discounted parts because it's all new!

Unlike buying jewelry, leather goods or a gift set of kitchen knives, choosing the right game console has to be a personal decision based on the features and capabilities desired. Many electronics are designed that way thanks to the ever-changing world of technology!

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