Advice and Information on Digital Photography

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Digital Photography

Read guides and tutorials on digital photography, and learn how to take better photographs. Each week there will be new tutorials posted here that will provide advice and techniques.

This section focuses on the category of Digital Photography. Use the menu above to select a different category. You can find some more related information in the category on Digital Cameras.

Five Basic Tips For Getting Great Prints From Your Digital Camera

Learn the best techniques for turning your digital photographs into gorgeous prints. Shoot with printing in mind Image resolution refers to the number of pixels in an image. Measured in megapixels (MP), matching the resolution to the print size will help you get crisp and clear digital photo prints...

Click And Print: Photography Websites

As a photographer, you are up against stiff competition when it comes to getting gigs or jobs. Newspapers, magazines, weddings, family and student photos - how do you reach the multitude of people who may be interested in hiring you...

Digital Photo Printing Paper Sizes

When you print digital photos on traditional paper sizes photos are either cropped or areas of the paper are left blank. The reason is that tradition paper sizes were designed for film and have different aspect ratio than digital photos...

Digital Photography

Definition: * Uses a digital camera to electronically capture and produce images using a CCD. Scanners, software, computers and printers are used together with the camera to produce the finished image. * Taking pictures with a digital camera and storing and printing them on digital devices...

How to Scan Film Photos for Photo Enlargement

Over the years I've had numerous customers send digital image files from film photos they have scanned and request photo enlargement and prints. In almost every circumstance...

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