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Digital Photography
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If you take many shots through your digital camera, you can turn those virtual images into real photos by either sending the memory card to a digital photo lab and pay to have the pictures developed there or you can purchase a digital camera printer also known as a digital photo printer. The printer of your own is a particularly good idea if you take a lot of digital camera pictures.

The three major manufacturers of digital camera printers are Epson, HP, and Canon. Before settling on one of these products, you should check these tips. Digital photo printers are available in four color printers, six color printers and even eight color printers. Obviously the higher color count will result in better photo quality in the printed product. Results that match those from the photo lab can be had by using good quality photo paper and an eight color printer.

The second feature to check on the selection of photo printers is the printing method which is used. Usually this will be either inkjet or thermal printers. Inkjet printers are often used for printing photo prints, but the printout quality is at best satisfactory. At least a six color printer is required to get good quality prints. Ink cartridges for the inkjet type printers are quite expensive. Finally inkjet printing doesn't give a waterproof finish on the pictures, so there is color fading after time. Thermal printing provides a waterproof coating along with a better quality resolution. This type of printing is more cost effective since paper and the cartridges which it requires are both less expensive.

There are many printers which are priced at less than 1000 pound, but there are also characteristics in the inexpensive printers which can make a quality difference. There is a great deal of printing width differences. Most printers have a width of 8.5 inches or 13 inches. The best quality printers will have even wider possibilities, but the price per copy is also much higher on this units.

In order to get excellent quality black and white pictures, the printer needs to have the capability of gray inks. This is best achieved by using an 8-color printer.

If your printer has a separate tank for each ink color it will be more cost efficient than if there are multiple ink colors within each cartridge. With multiple inks in one cartridge, if one runs out, you must replace the entire cartridge. This means a lot of ink is wasted. You will want to be able to print directly from either your camera or a memory card. Check the printing speed. If you want to do a lot of colored pictures, the processing can require up to ten minutes each. Multi-use printers are not the best choice for fine quality digital prints. For that you need a dedicated dedicated digital camera printer. Find a model that will not require that you load images into your computer before printing.

As with most consumer goods, the best choice for you will depend on how much and for what reason most of your digital camera printing is done.

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