Eve Online:
An Interstellar MMORPG Tour De Force

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Sword and sorcery, magic and mayhem... these are the common faces of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG). They're usually set in some high fantasy world which can only be described as Tolkienesque... with knights and mages and kings and queens and elves and dwarves and a gamut of other races.

But sometimes, an MMORPG arrives at the scene offering something new, something excitingly different.

Enter EVE Online, an MMORPG set in the deep recesses of space, inviting you for an adventure that would literally span the stars, in the game world at least.

The background story is very enticing. It tells of a future Earth where the citizens had to explore space because the planet was slowly deteriorating. In their explorations, they found a wormhole that led them to uncharted regions of the universe. They named this region as New Eden, a fitting title for the new beginning they wished to establish there. And since the wormhole made such a genesis possible, they gave it the name that was once attributed to the mother of the human race, EVE.

But soon enough, their new paradise turned into hell. EVE collapsed, leaving the colonists trapped in New Eden. And it wasn't a pleasant experience. They were in the middle of a war between three distinct races:

1. The Amarr, the magic-using staple of most MMOPRG systems;
2. The Minmatar, the warrior sect of EVE Online; and
3. The Gallente, which is the equivalent of the human race, where balance of the other races can be found.

EVE Online does not rely on the accumulation of experience points for leveling up. Rather, it relies on proper selection and usage of certain skills. It is these skills that the player has to develop, rather than a generic level. This makes EVE Online completely different from other MMORPG programs.

Surprisingly, the jobs offered in EVE Online's game world are very consistent with the environment created for the game. Unlike other MMORPG programs where a variety of tasks would make the players go "huh?," EVE Online offers logical professions necessary for the sustainability as well as the economy of New Eden. Transport, army, mining and reconnaissance are novel jobs that players would find very interesting indeed.

EVE Online also employs a lawlessness system. The player would be warned about the danger level of every planet, depending on his race and affiliation. This would warn the player about impending perils, like PvP situations in MMORPG lingo.

The first thing that would strike you about EVE Online is its graphics. They're absolutely breathtaking! The space environment is captured in perfect detail. You will really feel the foreboding loneliness and isolation of space, the frightful nature of war, and the joy of finding help when you least expect it, thanks to a powerful graphic engine that is surprisingly friendly to a wide variety of PC specifications.

Game play is much like the usual MMORPG fare. Point and click to travel and kill environmental hazards. Inventory screen can be opened to manage your equipment and items. Monsters drop a variety of goods once killed. Partying is also heavily encouraged for faster development of your skills and for maximized adventuring.

The unique game world, the user-friendly interface, the intuitive game mechanics, and the amazing graphics make EVE Online an amazing experience overall. If you're busy with a two-shift job, don't try this MMORPG! It is guaranteed to be very addictive that you'd be forced to consume all your sick and vacation leaves just to engage yourself in its enchanting and breathtaking world.

EVE Online charges a fair $14.95 server fee per month, which is the usual rate for most MMORPG. You could, however, download the program for free and try it out for 14 days. That's 2 weeks of gaming goodness with one of the best MMORPG today! Try it out, as you've got nothing to lose and a world of enjoyment to gain.

Did I say world?
Make that a UNIVERSE.

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