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Nothing worse than a computer slower than a week in jail, is there?

Nothing worse than trying to surf the net or do some work and you have to wait half an hour for a page to load!

Make My Computer Run Faster is a statement people tell me to fix every day of the week so I thought I would write a quick article to help people with the same problem.

Start Up Menu

It is very sound advice to disable all the startup items in the System Configuration Utility because these will likely include such things as security, wireless assistant, printer drivers, video plug-ins, etc - all more than capable of slowing down your system.

Don't just disable everything you can though since you will just need to turn them all on when you need them. Turn off the utlities you don't use very often and leave things like anti virus etc on.

Empty Temporary Files

Empty your Temporary Internet Files and shrink the size it stores to a size between 128MB and 512MB...

- Open ONE copy of Internet Explorer.
- Select TOOLS -> Internet Options.
- Under the General tab in the "Temporary Internet Files" section, do the following:
- Click on "Delete Cookies" (click OK)
- Click on "Settings" and change the "Amount of disk space to use:" to something between 128MB and 512MB. (Betting it is MUCH larger right now.)
- Click OK.

- Click on "Delete Files" and select to "Delete all offline contents" (the checkbox) and click OK. (If you had a LOT, this could take 2-10 minutes or more.)
- Once it is done, click OK, close Internet Explorer, re-open Internet Explorer.

Virus Alert!

What about the dreaded word in the computer world, VIRUS?

Well, there are many products to choose from that will help you prevent infections from these horrid little applications. Many are FREE to the home user but these products are usually RUBBISH!

If you want to make your computer run faster and dont have an anti virus programme installed then that is your number one priority to fix.

Below are programs that I reccommend you get as soon as possible - even if you don't think you have a virus!

I would suggest looking through the different options and INVESTING IN ONE OF THEM according to your needs and budget to make your computer run faster.

a) New Anti Virus Tool (Released Nov 2006) Click Here! For More Information.

b) Very Economical Anti Virus Program - Click Here! To Learn More

c) Cheap And Effective Anti Virus Software - Click Here! to read about it.

Make My Computer Run Faster! Well there is only so much a person can phsyically do to make your computer run faster. Anti-Virus programs are your best bet because...

a) No More Slow Connections

b) No More Nasty Viruses That Bring Your Computer TO A Halt.

c) Safety And Security Whilst Surfing

d) Knowing Your Computer Will Be Safe For Years To Come!


So now you know how to make your computer run faster and stop pleading to someone "make my computer run faster, make my computer run faster!"

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Computer Slower Than A Week In Jail? Then Click Here! To Speed It Up!

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