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Case mods and computer mods are the most popular trends in computers today. Futuristic design in computer cases is coming more to the forefront every year yet there is a need for some modders to go beyond the market norm and create there own custom computer mods. Thats why Setting your case apart from the growing pack of mod computer cases is becoming harder and harder these days. Lets quickly look at the process of case modding from the ground up and what mods you may find interesting.

To start off, it's best to have a case that you're already happy with structurally. If you undertake a modding project it will surely become a labor of love. Having a solid computer case to build on will assure that you aren't dissatisfied with the basic construction of the case later. Also put some thought into what size of computer case as well, some computer mods are small and can be done on mini or mid sized cases, other mods such as adding a internal liquid cooling system takes alot of room. As I have said in other articles I would choose a case from a company such as Thermaltake, Antec, Lian Li or Raidmax all have proven track records as good solid computer cases worth modding.

Ok so now you have a case you are happy with, its time to look at some simple mods. The most common are:

Window Kits -- These are for when you want to show off what's inside the case. Window kits are the perfect complement to a Cold cathodes as the whole side of the box will put out a bright glow, illuminating the hardware within.

Cold cathodes -- cold cathode kits produce an intense amount of light without adding alot of heat, used with the above mentioned Window Kit people can see all your hard work.

HD Cooling and VGA and Chipset Cooling Kits -- These Cooling Kit Mods lets you take full advantage of increased performance and system stability without spending a huge amount of cash.

Fan Guards, LED Fans, 3D Fan Grills -- These are all quick and inexpensive ways to add some color to an otherwise drab case.

Round cables and Drive Straps -- An excellent mod that can sufficiently increase airflow inside the tower which in turn keeps hardware such as Hard drives and Video Cards cooler increasing system stability.

For the Extreme Modder -- Liquid cooling computer cases is a noiseless way of keeping that CPU and GPU cool and tells everyone you're on the leading edge of case modding. This mod is recommended only for those with modding experience.

There are some basic mods and some more advanced, my advice start off small and work your way up. Good Luck!

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