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Personal Computers

Learn how to maximise your computer's performance, and get the most out of the applications you use. Each week there will be new guides posted here that will provide tips and advice.

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Understanding The Speed Of The New PCI Express

The personal computer is constantly changing with such component upgrades for memory, CPU speed and hard drive capacity. And the video display is no exception. The video display consist of a Graphics Card, Monitor, and the Bus...

3 Simple Tips To Make Your Computer Run Faster

First of all, there are two ways to make your computer run faster: hardware and software. Hardware boosting involves upgrading and adding new components to the computer to increase its speed and performance. Typical upgrades include installing more memory...

Is It Time To Buy A New Computer?

With the Internet and computer technology developing every single day, you might want to give your old computer a long break it badly needs. Computer has gone a long way from being just a mere typing machine. If you want to know whether you need to box-up your old computer or buy a new one...

Choose the Best Gaming PC for your Needs

Computer game technology is a rapidly-increasing field. In terms of both hardware and software, companies are constantly striving to push the envelope and increase performance. As the intricacy of individual games increases, however...

Who Else Wants To Tweak Windows XP For A Faster PC

Windows XP has lots of colours, themes and similar special effects to make your PC look great. These effects slow down your PC and that is the main problem. If your computer is running slow, and you are sure you do not have a virus, spyware or adware you may try using some of these Win XP tweaks...

Accelerate your Windows XP

The outcome of each modification will vary to each PC's. I had focused on the XP OS machine regardless of my experience on the individual setup and trouble shooting...

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